Lesson Learned

In the last 19 years, well I guess 20, I've learned a lot. Some things have come from my own experiences and some have come from those of people around me.

I've decided to make a list of things I've learned..discovered or taught, some significant and some pretty minor...but all have made a difference in my life in one way or another.

Here goes nothin

1. Don't talk to strangers, unless those strangers are good looking.

2. Friends are made and lost; the ones that are lost are lost for a reason, friends that are kept are kept for a reason.

3. Ex-boyfriends should remain ex-boyfriends.

4. The kind of Love in The Notebook, Twilight, and Taylor Swift songs does exist. Sometimes we just have to sift through a lot of garbage to find it.

5. The most rewarding experiences are usually the hardest, most stressful, and cause you to cry the most.

6. "Best friend" doesn't always mean the same thing when you're 19 as it does when you're 5, but it should.

7. Travelling the world is incredible.

8. Never send a second text to a guy that didn't reply to the first.

9. Do NOT cry at the bar. Go home.

10. Community and family are a couple of the most important things in the world.

11. I love love. I love when people are happy; even if they're happier than me and even if I don't have as much love in my life as they do.

12. Cardio is just as important as conditioning.

13. You find out who people truly are when they are faced with a crappy situation.

14. "Chicks before dicks" might be juvenile, but oh well, I like it.

15. If someone wants to punch you in the face at the bar leave the bar, don't go to the bouncers, they're useless.

16. I should never buy any kind of electronics without buying the most extended warranty possible, this includes: Cell phones, laptops, laptop screens, laptop chargers, cameras, cell phone chargers, televisions, DVD players.

17. I have the worst luck with electronics.

18. Time can be counted in Batmans and it makes road trips much shorter. For example, a trip to parry sound is 8 episodes of Batman, not 4 hours.

19. Drag Queens will always freak me out.

20. Always lock the door on the house, car, and bike. No matter where you are, douche bag thieves are there too.

21. School is important. Not going to class is not a smart call.

22. Funny movies with great one-liners can make the worst of days better.

23. Don't buy clothes based on the size you want to be, buy clothes based on the size that looks good.

24. Shopping in the states is smart, shopping in Canada is not.

25. Snow is more fun when you're playing in it.

26. Researching things and learning things 'just because' is so much better than because you have to.

27. Even when my friends are half way across the country or planting trees 10 hours away I know they're still some of the best I could have.

28. Going to prom with a girl is much better than with a boy, especially when the girl is Marcia Metcalfe.

29. A clean home is a happy home.

30. "Always love, hate will get you every time".

That's it. Peace and love,